We’re Broken Free: Troy, Gabriella and the death of Religion, by Toby Fergusson



Interviewed in London, just prior to the launch of ‘High School Musical 3’, Kenny Ortega, the director of all three films was quoted as follows:

“I met a little girl in an orphanage in Africa, in Nairobi, where every child in there  is HIV positive or is living with AIDS. She’s 15 and her name is Joyce, and I’ll  never forget her, and I’ll work for her for the rest of my life. She said to me: “Thank you for High School Musical, Mr Ortega, because you’ve given me back my hope  and you’ve given me back my courage.” And if someone can find that in a little movie like High School Musical then I’ll do four, I’ll do five, I’ll do six, I’ll do seven of them.” (Quoted in The Northern Echo on 20th October 2008)


The High School Musical films are a careful and difficult trilogy of films; as the audience watches, it becomes clear that the films are studded with exciting and revolutionary arguments.  The creators of the films set out their premise early: a young man,

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