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Frank Semple’s first new book for a decade impresses TOBY FERGUSSON

The Broken Frame by Frank Semple,  344 pp, $18.99, (Lorrimer Jackson);  The Indiana Tower by Frank Semple (1998), out of print; Swimming Holes and Other Stories by Frank Semple (1990), out of print; Cutting Teeth by Frank Semple (1990), out of print; Deep Within The Wheat by Frank Semple (1989), out of print

Reviewing Franklyn “Frank” Semple’s splendid gothic novel ‘The Indiana Tower’ in 1998, the critic John Freibeger politely noticed that Semple was “not a writer over encumbered with popularity”.  It was, and is, a fair comment.

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Lissie Coleman

RHODRI DELANGES is delighted by a punctual arrival from one of our premier living poets

Only once a year, normally around late September/early October time, does Lissie Coleman send out of her extraordinary poems out into the world; always handwritten, always on the same pages from the same battered notebooks, it is as true a sign of autumn as the falling of the leaves or the sounds of conkers in the playground.