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Cream Tea, Dim Sum and Anish Kapoor, by Sam Jansen


There’s lots of splendid meaty stuff for the viewer to enjoy at Anish Kapoor’s exhibition at the Royal Academy: ‘Shooting Into The Corner’ (2008-9), Kapoor’s (maybe) phallic cannon, is getting all the praise it deserves, as is the elegantly sexualised ‘Slug’ (2009).  The central piece, ‘Svayaymbh’ (2007), is conceptually terribly neat and contained, for all its apparent collapse (as such, it’s the very opposite of the Tate Modern ‘Marsyas’ (2002)).  Go, go and see all of it.

However, there remain three elements of Kapoor’s Academy show, none created by him, which require analysis: the Kapoor Dim Sum, the Kapoor Cream Tea and the Kapoor Retractable Biro. Continue reading